Jack Wolfskin DOWNFIBER Insulation 

DOWNFIBER Technology

Developed by Jack Wolfskin, DOWNFIBER technology is formed by combining treated natural down with a synthetic Fibercloud insulator. At a precise ratio of 70:30, the resulting fibre fuses all the best properties of each material, forming a lightweight, quick drying insulator that’s easy to pack and highly resistant to damp weather.


With a warmth-to-weight ratio that can’t be replicated, the natural down element of DOWNFIBER keeps your body warmth locked in. Plus, while untreated down can lose its loft in the wet, DOWNFIBER repels moisture from rain, sweat or snow, drying quickly when exposed to damp and actively wicking excess moisture away from the body.


Key Features

A unique combination of natural down and moisture resistant Fibercloud, with DOWNFIBER you won’t have to choose between kit that’s warm, and kit that’s waterproof.

Repels Moisture

Thanks to the addition of innovative Fibercloud technology, DOWNFIBER actively repels moisture from the outside, while wicking moisture away from the body internally. This keeps you dry and warm, and prevents your kit from weighing you down.

Retains Loft

While natural tends to absorb water from rain and sweat, DOWNFIBER undergoes a PFC-free treatment process to repel moisture and retain loft, continuing to keep you warm whatever the weather.

Retains Warmth

DOWNFIBER contains high-quality natural down that’s loosely packed into small chambers. These trap the natural heat that your body produces, resulting in a warmth-to-weight ratio like no other, and making this the perfect kit for any adventure.