Berghaus Extrem™

The Berghaus Extrem™ range intelligently works with you and your needs, quickly adapting to everything the elements throw at you.


Meticulously developed by Berghaus MtnHaus™ Innovation team and tested by their dedicated team of world class athletes.


Building on 50 years of Berghaus experience British Design. Trusted Worldwide.

Mirror Wall

Key Features

Fibrous Structure Of Hydroloft™

Keeps You Warm, Repels Moisture And Allows Your Skin To Breathe. Ideal For Outdoor Activities.

Fast Climb Jacket

Introducing the Fast Climb Jacket. Kevlar forearms protect you from the rock face and light breathable stretch fabric frees you to tackle the climb your way.


Reach further. Move faster. Don't hold back.

Extrem Hyper 100

Meet the Hyper 100. At less than 100g*, it's the lightest three-layered waterproof in the world. And with a durable, breathable construction, it's built for performance.


On the mouontain, every gram counts. So make sure your jacket is pulling it's weight.

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