Velo Press Everyday Yoga 1st Edition
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Sage Rountree shares her fresh, accessible approach to practicing yoga every day in her new book Everyday Yoga, a colourful, lay-flat guide to yoga poses and routines.

Featuring poses that develop flexibility, balance, whole-body strength, recovery, range of motion, and focus, Everyday Yoga will help you customise an at-home yoga practice to meet your goals. Full-colour photographs of yoga routines will guide you to build strength in your core, flexibility in your hips, relaxation in your body, and focus in your mind.

Certified coach and experienced, registered yoga teacher Sage Rountree shares the yoga positions and exercises she has developed in her own yoga studio, at Kripalu, and working with active people during her popular yoga clinics around the country. She guides experienced yoga practitioners and yoga beginners on the best ways to design and develop their own at-home yoga routines.

Sage Rountree is America's leading expert on yoga for athletes. She is a certified endurance sports coach as well as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. An accomplished competitor in running and triathlon, Sage has raced distances from sprint triathlon to Ironman, 400 meters to 40 miles. Sage is a frequent contributor to magazines is the author of the Athlete's Guide to Yoga, the Runner's Guide to Yoga, the Athlete's Pocket Guide to Yoga, and the Athlete's Guide to Recovery.

  • Author: Sage Rountree
  • Format: Wirebound
  • Publication date: Jun, 2015
  • Publisher: VeloPress
  • Nr pages: 168
  • Page size: 190 x 190 mm
  • Weight: 610g
Product Code: S1444066