Spring / Summer '19

We believe that life should be lived outdoors. Discover, explore and live it with us, the real people of the outdoors. 

Sara Venn

Founder of Edible Bristol

Urban gardener Sara creates outdoor spaces in urban environments for everyone to enjoy.

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Ajay Tegala

National Trust Ranger

Ajay dedicates his life to conservation of the outdoors, working as a National Trust Ranger.

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Nigel Riches

National Trust Ranger

With the outdoors as his studio, Nigel travels the world photgraphing amazing places... 

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Jamie Ramsay

Endurance Adventure Athlete

Leaving behind a life in the city, Jamie gives a whole new meaning to ‘a life lived outdoors.

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Jess Moon-Bowen

Mountain Rescue Volunteer

When Jess isn’t inspiring the next generation of explorers, she’s helping others as a Mountain Rescue volunteer.

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Chris Hopwood

Cotswold Outdoor Store Expert

Working for Cotswold Outdoor means Chris gets to share his passions and experiences with customers.

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